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We started our crowdfunding campaign at

Hello! We are Juplin, a service for online music sessions. We help musicians play, rehearse and jam music directly over the Internet with minimal delay.

The development of the Juplin software is complicated process. We combine several large technologies. It is possible to make such a software on our own, but in order to complete it as quickly as possible, we need to expand the team.

That’s why, we've launched a fundraising campaign on planeta ru. Our goal is 4.6 million rubles.

We are counting on every musician who misses rehearsals, concerts and jams. We believe that together we will release not only the alpha version of our service, but also a full-fledged product.

You can support us at this link

By investing in us now, you will get better price for online rehearsals in the future. By doing this you are helping all the musical industry, not only Juplin.

Thanks for your support, donations and reposts!
Just plug in!

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